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Peanut Butter and Pickle Sandwiches = SCIENCE

Dear peanut Butter and Pickle sandwich haters, You are aberrations of nature. The anatomy of the human tongue predisposes you to craving  salt/sweet/fats/vinegar. PB&P is all of those things. At once. It is an explosion of everything perfect about eating, if we must eat, at all, I can't believe you guys. The sweet/salty combo is not something I need to defend, but let's cover our bases:  Delish   cites a study where additional taste receptors were activated only when sugar arrives with sodium. And that's interesting, but with PB&P it gets better. The astringency of pickle cuts though the fatty, roasted sweetness of peanut and suddenly running alongside the sweet/salty notes you have sweet/sour. Why does that taste so great? I'm not sure. Why are sour patch kids and lemonade delicious for that matter? BUT THEN the protein in the peanut butter breaks down in the presence of vinegar. It's light but savory, and that is preciously what typifies uma

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